Welcome to the website of the ERDF Operational Programme 2007/2013 Basilicata

OP Basilicata EFRD 2007-2013 is the Operational Programme (OP) designed by the Regione Basilicata to implement the objectives and the actions of the cohesion policy within the region. The EU cohesion policy aims at reducing the differences in prosperity across its own territories in the 2007-2013 programming period.

In order to implement such a strategy OP Basilicata EFRD 2007-2013 can rely on a financial allocation amounting to 752 million euros to be invested on the whole regional territory and coming from the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD), from state and regional resources.

Divided into 8 priority axes and 90 actions the Programme belongs to the context designed by the 2007-2013 Cohesion Policy and by the National Strategic Framework.

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